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Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create visual concepts using computer software or by hand to communicate ideas for various mediums, such as print, web, and digital platforms.

Art Director

Art directors oversee the visual aspects of a project, ensuring that the creative elements align with the overall vision. They collaborate with designers and other creatives.


Copywriters craft written content for advertisements, marketing materials, and other promotional platforms, working closely with designers to convey a cohesive message.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers plan and execute marketing strategies to promote products or services, overseeing advertising, public relations, and campaign initiatives.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers develop and implement strategies to enhance brand visibility and engagement across various social media platforms.

Content Creator

Content creators develop multimedia content, including articles, videos, and graphics, to engage audiences and promote brands across different platforms.

SEO Specialist

SEO specialists optimize online content to improve its visibility in search engine results, analyzing keywords and implementing strategies to enhance search rankings.

Event Planner

Event planners coordinate and execute events to promote brands or products, managing logistics, budgets, and ensuring events align with marketing strategies.

Public Relations Specialist

Public relations specialists manage an organization’s public image, handling communication with the media and the public, and addressing crises.

User Experience (UX) Researcher

UX researchers study user behavior to enhance the design and functionality of products and websites through surveys, interviews, and usability testing.

Brand Manager

Brand managers develop and implement strategies to build and maintain a brand’s identity, working on positioning, messaging, and overall brand perception.

User Experience (UX) Researcher

UX researchers study user behavior to enhance the design and functionality of products and websites through surveys, interviews, and usability testing.

Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts study market conditions, collecting and analyzing data on consumer preferences, trends, and competitor strategies to inform business decisions.

Video Editor

Video editors edit and assemble video footage, adding effects and sound, to create a polished and cohesive final product for various platforms.


Photographers capture images that tell a story or convey a message, working in various settings like studios, events, or on location.


Animators create moving images through 2D or 3D techniques, working in film, television, video games, and other media to bring characters and scenes to life.

Web Developer

Web developers design and build websites, focusing on the technical aspects of creating a functional and visually appealing online presence.

Interactive Designer

Interactive designers create engaging digital experiences, including websites, apps, and multimedia projects, often incorporating user interaction.

Creative Director

Creative directors lead creative teams, providing vision and guidance to ensure projects align with the overall brand or artistic direction.

Interior Designer

Interior designers plan and create functional and aesthetically pleasing interior spaces for residential or commercial purposes.

Fashion Designer

Fashion designers create clothing and accessory designs, staying informed about fashion trends and materials while bringing unique visions to life.

Set Designer

Set designers conceptualize and create the visual appearance of film, television, or theater sets, contributing to the overall storytelling environment.

Sound Designer

Sound designers create and manipulate audio elements to enhance the overall auditory experience in film, television, games, or live performances.

Game Designer

Game designers conceptualize and design the rules, gameplay mechanics, and overall structure of video games, collaborating with artists and programmers.

Virtual Reality (VR) Developer

VR developers create immersive virtual reality experiences, designing and developing applications that leverage VR technology.

Storyboard Artist

Storyboard artists illustrate scenes and sequences to visually represent the narrative flow of films, animations, or commercials before production.


Cinematographers, or directors of photography, oversee the camera and lighting crews in film and television production, bringing the director’s vision to life.

Creative Writer

Creative writers produce original and imaginative written content, including novels, short stories, scripts, and poetry.


Colorists enhance and correct the colors in visual media, such as films, videos, and animations, to achieve a specific visual tone or mood.

3D Modeler

3D modelers create three-dimensional models for use in films, video games, simulations, and other virtual environments.

Voice Actor

Voice actors provide the voices for characters in animations, video games, audiobooks, and other audiovisual productions.

Tattoo Artist

Tattoo artists create permanent artwork on clients’ skin, combining artistic skill with knowledge of tattoo techniques and safety practices.


Curators oversee collections of art, artifacts, or exhibits in museums or galleries, managing acquisitions, exhibitions, and preservation.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital marketing specialists focus on online marketing strategies, including social media, email campaigns, and search engine optimization to promote brands.

Creative Producer

Creative producers manage the production process of creative projects, overseeing budgets, timelines, and ensuring the project aligns with the creative vision.

Comic Book Artist

Comic book artists create visual narratives through illustrations, contributing to the storytelling in comic books and graphic novels.


Cartoonists create humorous or satirical illustrations, often published in newspapers, magazines, or online platforms.

Jewelry Designer

Jewelry designers create unique and artistic jewelry pieces, considering materials, aesthetics, and trends in their designs.

Packaging Designer

Packaging designers create visually appealing and functional packaging for products, considering both aesthetic and practical aspects.

Art Conservator

Art conservators preserve and restore artworks, ensuring their longevity and maintaining their original appearance.

Mural Artist

Mural artists create large-scale artworks on walls or buildings, often contributing to public art projects or commissioned works.

Media Planner

Media planners develop and implement strategies for advertising campaigns, selecting the appropriate media channels to reach target audiences effectively.


Publicists manage the public image of individuals or organizations, creating and maintaining relationships with the media to secure positive coverage.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Specialist

SEM specialists focus on paid advertising strategies on search engines, managing campaigns to increase visibility and drive targeted traffic.

Email Marketing Manager

Email marketing managers develop and execute email campaigns, utilizing strategies to engage and nurture leads, and promote products or services.

Data Analyst

Data analysts in marketing analyze consumer and market data to provide insights, optimize campaigns, and improve overall marketing effectiveness.

Creative Strategist

Creative strategists develop and implement strategies to align creative efforts with marketing goals, ensuring campaigns are both innovative and effective.

Influencer Marketing Manager

Influencer marketing managers collaborate with influencers to create and execute campaigns, leveraging influencers’ reach to promote products or services.

Ad Operations Manager

Ad operations managers oversee the technical aspects of online advertising, ensuring proper placement, tracking, and optimization of digital ads.

Media Buyer

Media buyers negotiate and purchase advertising space, whether online, in print, or on television, to reach target audiences efficiently.

Content Marketing Manager

Content marketing managers develop and oversee content strategies, creating and distributing valuable content to attract and retain a specific audience.

Product Marketing Manager

Product marketing managers focus on promoting and positioning specific products, developing strategies to drive sales and market adoption.

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Digital marketing coordinators assist in the implementation of digital marketing strategies, managing campaigns, and analyzing performance metrics.

Event Marketing Manager

Event marketing managers plan and execute marketing strategies for events, ensuring brand visibility and engagement before, during, and after the event.

Creative Traffic Manager

Creative traffic managers coordinate the workflow of creative projects, ensuring timely delivery and effective communication among team members.

Strategic Planner

Strategic planners in advertising develop insights and strategies to guide creative campaigns, ensuring they align with the client’s objectives and target audience.