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The Story Of Mystique

If you’d asked Valón Thorpe that day, as he led a presentation alongside the Executive Team at Red Stripe on The Future of Digital Marketing, he would’ve probably told you he’d peaked.


While studying towards his degrees in Geography and Science, Valón earned a tidy income managing the social media accounts for Red Stripe’s portfolio of brands, not a bad side-hustle for a college kid. Valón’s digital marketing abilities quickly earned him a seat at the table amongst experienced marketing voices at a globally recognized company. Yes sir, if you’d asked him then, Valón would’ve said he had gone as far as he’d ever go in the world of Marketing.


That’s when fate intervened. Solomon Sharp, the CEO of Main Event, was in the audience watching that presentation. He recognised something in Valón perhaps something a little mysterious and unquantifiable and it moved him to make a business proposition.


At first, Valón didn’t know what this business would become, but he approached the opportunity with an open-mind, eager to rise to the challenge of finding out. Valón spent time absorbing the event side of marketing. This is when the Streamline-Expert in his brain kicked in. 


Valón observed that a client would employ a PR agency, a Media Buying Agency, a Social Media Agency, an Event Execution Agency and a Brand Team in order to accomplish one ultimate goal: to tell the story of their brand. From his unique position, Valón realized that a far more effective, cohesive story could be told, if all these workstreams existed in one place.


That was the day Mystique was born. By streamlining the 5 arms necessary in creating and communicating a brand’s story, Valón was able to tell more compelling stories, create deeper consumer connections and ultimately increase brand loyalty for the brands he represented.

Our Mission

To leverage and deploy resources intelligently, remaining on the cutting edge of digital and communications technology. Nurturing creativity and keeping it at the heart of our business, our clients will have service experiences that defy their expectations. With less steps, and deeper footprints, we will create unique brand-consumer relations that thrive on loyalty, create communities and drive revenue.

Our Vision

To build a groundbreaking multi-territory marketing community, relying on only the best talent, regardless of where it resides. We will meet the needs of an international clientele and bring local clientele to unprecedented heights.